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Locked to winterplum

[Satya Vaswani was not one to procrastinate. When something needed to be done, it would be completed in a timely and orderly fashion, whether she was on the job or not. Structure and balance held supreme authority over her life. They had molded her into the woman she was today. Yet, despite all this, she found herself at a loss for what to do now. The mission she'd been assigned at Oasis have been completed, but she still had several days left before her flight back to India. Any normal person would jump at the chance to have a few vacation days off, but Symmetra wasn't exactly thrilled by the idea.

Still, she supposed it wasn't nearly as bad as it seemed. Perhaps staying as a tourist would provide her with valuable insight? Maybe it would even give her a new perspective on the city. The first spot she decides to visit is the gardens, though she was hardly expecting to find a recognizable face there.]
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[Mei could only wish she could say the same.

More often than not, her research notes were peppered with doodles, her camera often had more penguins than glaciers, and she hated to admit how many sleepless nights she actually had, wracking her brain over an equation that was too late at night to ask Winston about.

As much as she loved science and the environment, Mei's awareness could certainly be stretched thin.

However, a place like Oasis had her complete and undivided attention.

The technology of the city was unlike anything she had seen before. Unlike the worn Ecopoints that groaned with dust and damage. Unlike technology that was as much an anachronism as she was. But sadly, even the most advanced research facilities and university campuses couldn't hold a spirit like Mei's in for long. Not when nature and the environment was her true passion.]

Hiya, Satya!

[Bless her and her cheery smile and excited wave. Mei hadn't really expected to see anyone, let alone a teammate she so highly respected. The city gardens didn't seem like everyone's cup of tea. Maybe Bastion's had they been assigned to this particular mission.]

I'm so glad that I ran into you!
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We finished a mission a few days ago and I wanted to study a bit before returning to Xi'an.

[She giggles a bit.]

Are you here on business or pleasure? Oasis seems like a city you would enjoy.

[There's a bit of hesitation that paints across her face. Unsure if she accidentally said something wrong.]

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Not long. I'll be headed back in about three days so I'll be making the most of my time here.

[A pause.]

Satya! This means we have to do something together! Would you like to do something together? We could go to the library or get something to eat. Have you eaten yet? We could get snacks if you haven't eaten. Or a meal.
And we could chat about things!
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